Honored and a Little Embarrassed!


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I first want to thank http://presentsofmind.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/paying-it-forward/ AKA Zephyr nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. She did this on the 2nd of February. I am very slow at doing anything about this. February has been a tough month for me. As much as I tried to stay focused on positive healthy thoughts, somehow my body was insistent on acting sick. I somehow managed to post a blog on the 14th Valentines day that brought a great number of wonderful comments to me about my writings. Thank you all for those wonderful comments. I kept thinking I was going to do this post and pass this award on to 15 new people, but just keeping up with work and life was more than I could do. I was enjoying reading some posts and commenting some, but I left a lot of blogs with nothing or a simple like. This is why I am honored and totally embarrassed. My blog has laid baron with the same post up for almost two weeks. I am glad to say I can now breathe easily, the coughing is at a bare minimum, and I am feeling much better. Thank goodness. I am actually typing up this post. So now I need to make a list of 15 blogs that I so much enjoy, and link you to them. I also need to figure out the whole blog roll thing. Yes I have not figured that out either, sooo… All of this said this is going to be two post job for me. I promise to get right on this right away. Tomorrow morning I will post the rest of this and link to my favorite blogs. I have a list that has been forming for some time in my head. Now I just have to get it out of my head and onto this page.

Thank you for your patience, and Peace and Harmony, Sj

What Happened to Love?


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Where is the Love

Where did the Love Go?

This morning I got up and did my normal sit and wake up in silence while I drink my protein shake that I like having for breakfast. It is a period of silence where I am in a state of just being there in that space. Often amazing thoughts creep through the fuzz of the sleepy eyes, and new awesome concepts arise. Then I picked up my computer as I normally do, and started to read down through my Facebook page. There has been a growing irritation with my Facebook page and I have had a hard time putting my finger on it. Today it hit me! I personally had not realized that a Celebrity or anyone else had passed over, so it took me a few minutes to figure it all out. I have a lot of people on my Facebook that use it as a pulpit to preach, and argue the “Truth”. That is what has been bugging me, because I don’t care what your truth is, I know that in every book of Truths it is written that the most important thing that we can have is “Love. I ask “Where has the Love gone?” There was a discussion going on about “If God calls us home?” full with argument and all. Then there was someone who had obviously just attended a funeral and who was offended by the post, but no-one really seemed concerned that there was a family and friends, a mother, a daughter, aunts, uncles, best friends, sisters or brothers, who were hurting right now. Again, I ask where is the Love in all of this? I continued reading down and there were several comments made about who cares or so what if a Celebrity died. Something there hurt my heart, and I got up from my computer and went to take my shower, and as the hot water ran it hit me. It is not about a Celebrity dying, but about a person dying. About a mother, a daughter, a niece, maybe an aunt, a real person died, and that real person was a very sad hurting person. Where is the compassion? Where is the Love? Why is it more important to talk about Truth than to walk in Love? 

Here today I sit on Valentines Day, asking myself where is the Love? Why do we spend more time judging others than loving them? There is a scripture in one of the books of truth that states “without Love we are but a clanging gong.” Now I could go into what book that is and where it is written, but if you look through all of the books you will find something to that effect written. I am not here to preach a doctrine of any religion. I am here today on this day Valentines Day to ask you “Where is the Love?” How should we react to someone who is drowning in pain and acting out? I know we see a lot of sad Celebrities who are screaming in a call for love, but their action only get them a lot of bad publicity that seems to spin them down farther. I know many more people who are not celebrities who are yelling out in a call for Love, and how do we react to them too.

Can I ask are we being a “Call for Love” or “An Expression of Love?” In ever situation I ask this question as I go through my days, and some days I am a call for Love, and it usually isn’t a very pretty call for Love. My hope is that most days, I am an expression of Love to all those I encounters. 

I don’t know where you are but here is a virtual Hug to all those who are needing one and feeling unwanted on this so called day of Love.

Peace and Harmony,


? Wrong Way to High Five? Don’t Tell My Dogs


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Moses Shepherd labador


I just learned that there is a wrong way to do a “High Five”. This is news to me, and now I am wondering if I do this right? Probably not, as I am in my mid to late forties.  We do everything the un-cool way, and frankly don’t care! I was reading a post on fears of Mashed Potatoes, High-Fiving, and Nose Whistling and then went to her about page as I usually do when I am checking out a blog at: http://tennizzlle.wordpress.com/about-me/ (By the way if you don’t follow this gal, you should… I love her blog!) This is where I found out that there is supposedly a right and a wrong way to do this. So I am now wondering if I do this particular thing right or wrong?

Shepherd Lab Mix named Moses

Dirty Moses At the Beach

I have taught all my dogs to “High Five” Did I teach them the wrong way of doing it? They are all so cute when they do this, and I am sure they really don’t care if it is right or wrong. Hell, Moses the Shepherd Lab he thinks it is cool to pet humans just like they pet him, but his paws are so rough. We have actually had to put moisturizer on his paws to be able to survive his wanting to pet our legs just like we pet his back and tummy. Tuxedo who passed over a number of years ago at 17 not only could High Five, but rang bells to go outside. He was my purebred poodle party mix (meaning two colors). Then there was Bunny (Toy poodle, Schnauzer mix), well Bunny was born blind and with seizures, but she was convinced she could do everything every other dog could do, but go for walks down streets outside of our yard, too many smells.  She would put up her little paw  up and you had to match your hand to hers. Lets see Ebby, was a rescue who was afraid to show any emotions at all. She would sing to me when I got home though. I never really got past trying to bring her out of her shell, so we did not work on tricks. Ebby was a schnauzer of miniature size who had been owned by a breeder who did not treat her nice at all. The rest of my dogs go back beyond my adult life.

As I am writing this thinking about whether I do a high-five right and if I taught my dogs to do one right, I am also thinking about Moses, Tuxedo and Bunny and what they would say to the idea of there being a right and wrong way to do a High Five. I can tell you Moses would look up at you and with eyes filled with love and say (Oh wait we better rephrase this because Moses is a guard dog and if you don’t know him and come into his yard to inspect his high-five, you’re going to have much bigger problem than if he does his high-five right.) So He would look up at me and say, “I love You Momma!” and a high-five, “Now where are my kids” His kids were actually my kids, but he was in charge of guarding the kids to the point he slept outside between their doors at night.  Just a note when Moses was off his property, even just out in the street, he was playful and cute to everyone!

Tuxedo who pranced around just knowing he was the most beautiful Pooeple in the world. He knew for sure he was not a person, but he also wasn’t just a mere dog. He knew how to do everything and you only had to show him once. So Mr. Know it All, knew how to do a high-five and it didn’t matter if you thought it should be done different. By the way Mr. Know it All, pranced and did everything with flare!

Bunny the so-called Snoodle weighing in under 10 pounds… Watch out, because whenever she did not understand what was going on… She snapped! She was not the one to tell she was not doing it right. You also did not want to wake this dog up by touching her, as she would strike like a snake. In my frustration of trying to train these traits out of her, I found out that many a dog with a disabled sense like blindness would get confused and defend out of nature. She always felt bad, well except when she bit my now ex husband, then she would just sit and laugh at him.  When I was working at my desk, where I had made Bunny a little comfy bed under it (that she really did not like) and she wanted my attention, she would go in and sit tall and proud in her little bed. “See Mom, I am in my bed! Just for you Mom!” She would say.

So basically dogs don’t care if they look cool doing something. I find that you teach a dog a new trick and they just bubble over when showing you their new trick. So maybe my attitude of I don’t care if I look cool doing a high-five or a knuckle bump is a good attitude to have. Let’s face it when you become my age and you attempt to or do something that is supposed to be cool, you never look cool anyways! Hey it’s fun to embarrass your teenage kids though, by doing these things in front of them in public places. Hehe!

My moral, go out and have fun, and it is totally okay to do things a little goofy, and if they ask, just say its my style! Trust me it is only a  few more years till you are my age and your teenagers and young adults will be laughing at you anyways at the way to do things!

Peace and Harmony,


PS I have an award I need to nominate a few people like 15, and I will get to that very soon!

PSS Pictures taken by my Niece Jessie

More Wisdom from Playing Video Games


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Imagine having everything at your finger tips to just create what ever you wanted. This weekend I was watching my kid play Minecraft and he was playing in straight creative mode with no monsters. Now as I have said, I don’t like to fight monsters, as I like life peaceful, but yet I play survival mode, because I like to hunt and find things and then make what I want from what I have found. Well I was watching my boy play in creative. He had spawned on an island with nothing on it. This is not really a problem in Creative, because you have a complete inventory of everything that you can build with in what we refer to as the backpack (We call it that because you can click on “E” at anytime and all of your inventory is right there). This means if you want to build a house out of Diamond blocks, all you do is click on the diamonds and start building away.

Like I said my boy had spawned on a small island with not even a tree on it. In Creative you can fly, so he took to the skies looking for someplace better to play, and found himself in the middle of the ocean. Cool thing about Creative is that you really don’t die, so he went to the bottom of the ocean and started building his house. When I arrived to look at what he was building he had built a towering home from the bottom of the ocean to several stories above the ocean. He build a long bridge back to the island, and put a redstone railway on it (redstone is the equivalent of electricity wire, and is activated by a restone torch). He then put some land around his tower to grow plants on and some more on another side to grow trees. The trees were planted so close together that he hopes they will grow into a solid block of wood, that he can carve out another home from. The home was made of glowstone which glows and stone brick and then wood above the water.

The point is not about what the structure was, but that he just wanted to create. It was like painting with blocks of virtual Lego’s (that I don’t have to vacuum up today :)) Hehe) Since the invent of television and fast food, our society seems so much less interested in creating. They would rather just be fed the latest trends. My son’s dream is to create video games, so I asked him what kind of game he thought we should create, and his answer was something that will be creative with a little adventure. I was so excited I went to bed trying to figure out what that could look like.

Creativity doesn’t have to be a major thing. It does not have to involve a pencil, or paints or even a canvas. Being creative could just be placing one Lego on top of another. When was the last time you played with a set of Lego’s or blocks? What an easy way to get the flow of energy flowing again.

Peace and Harmony,



<?php $Variable Function(Perimeter) When did I become a nerd?


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Sometimes this is how my head feels... Picture from freecodesource.com

The last few days I have been missing in action here on my blog. My apologies! I have been deep into PHP coding, along with some SQL coding and then just to keep things interesting how about throwing some Java script into the mix. Well of course you can’t leave out the HTML. Awe when I took my degree in Graphic Design I thought I would just be drawing pretty pictures on the computer, but “Oh NO!” I am drawing pretty websites and coding them with more punctuation than I have ever used in any of my writing. On my resume under foreign languages reads HTML, PHP, Cold Fusion (no that does not have to do with an atomic science), Java Script, and so on and so forth. I am not sure that is what is meant by foreign languages, but they definitely do not fall under “Language Spoken at Home”.

Maybe just somehow I turned out to be a Nerd! I don’t know when it happened. I was perfectly happy in High School just skating along with mostly “C’s” and a few “D’s” as long as I didn’t have to do any homework. Occasionally, I would screw up majorly, and show my teachers that I was actually learning stuff, and then the phone calls would start to my mom. “How do I motivate her, she is so smart!”  my teacher would ask my mom. I personally didn’t understand what all the fuss was about, and why they thought I was smart. Okay, so maybe I wasn’t happy not getting good grades. The thing was I did not see the potential in myself that those High School teachers saw in me. Somehow I had bought into the idea that I was dumb.

So what changed my mind? Several things played into showing me that I was actually capable of doing amazing things. The first, was in my Senior Year of High School, my Civics teacher lit a fire under my back side. She actually had the gall to threaten to fail me in my only required class to graduate from High School. She told me if I did not start showing up to class every single day (meaning no more long lunches) on time, and with all homework plus extra credit homework in hand. I would not graduate with my class. She scared the you know what out of me, and let me tell you, I was never the same. I was in class and on time every single day to that class. I had all the homework done. I did every single extra credit assignment that she assigned, and I studied for every single test, so I could pass them. The night of Graduation I was standing in line waiting to graduate when she came up and told me and another teacher that I was the only kid ever to pull an “F” up to a “C” in any of her classes. More importantly, I showed myself that I could do it.

A New Me Was Born

There was a new me born that night at Graduation. I went on to get an associate degree and then a bachelor’s degree in 3 years. I also graduated top of my class with a 4.0. I don’t say this because it somehow makes me special! Any one could do the same thing if they believed that the could. The difference between a bad student and a good student is the belief in themselves and the determination they have.

They Can Not Explain How She Does it

I have a niece who is in middle school. When she was born the doctors said she would never walk because of her C.P. (Cerebral Palsy). Today she is a cheerleader at her school, and a straight A student. This last year she has been through major leg and hip surgeries. The last of which was at the end of the summer, and yet she has cheered at all the games. The doctors can not explain how she is doing it, and how she is getting straight A’s in her classes. Her accomplishments go against all odds and medical knowledge of what she should and should not be able to do. She is just determined to be a normal kid, and has become an extraordinary kid.

So What excuse do we have? We have the choice to listen to the negative thoughts of others and even the doctors or we can be like K. and just go for it!

Peace and Harmony,


The Inevitable Trip to Town…


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My Back Yard

This is my back yard!

Okay, so it is almost 2pm and I have done all kinds of things to avoid writing today’s post. Does that sound familiar? The thing is that if I take any longer to get it done it will be time for me to head to town to run some errands. Fortunately, town is only 10-11 miles away and we only have a few errands to run today, but you can only put off trips to town so long. For those of you who live in a normal place like a city or even a somewhat small town this idea of going to town is probably a foreign idea. Every trip to town is planned out, and organized. Lists are made, and saved up for the inevitable trip to town. So if you “need” something it goes on the list of things to get while in town. Some of our shopping trips can take up to 5 or 6 hours to complete. Those are usually not to the town that is only 11 miles away, but to the town that is 30 miles away. There we have a lot more choices, but we don’t even make those once a week, those trips are saved up.

So today, will stop and get water and any groceries at one store, and then there is my least favorite store Wal-Mart, that we will have to stop at for some toiletries. We use to have more choices of stores, but we are down to just a couple. Wal-Mart is building a big superstore in town, which means we will end up with fewer choices in the little town. Then one other stop, and I think we will be back on the road home.

I have lived a good part of my life saving up trips. I can remember one time I ran out of butter in the middle of baking cookies. I decided to just run to town for some butter and make a real quick trip. The trip took me three hours because as I left the house I was given the “list” of things that the household needed. I am hoping to be home in 2 hours today, but this is not a trip to town alone, but with Mom, so she may have other stops planned for our trip to town.

In case you are wondering what the “list” can include? It can include anything from hardware stores, to feed stores (right now we don’t have any animals to feed, so not too much there) and then there is always basic needs as in Wal-Mart or the grocery store. Then the post office, and any local places that we need to stop. Mom doesn’t like to use our dryer to dry heavy things, so sometimes it includes a laundromat. You just never really know what will be needed out here. Oh an often we stop at the local Raley’s (a grocery store) that caries really nice things but you pay for them.

Now if we are going to a bigger town then that will include the mall, and Costco, Winco, maybe a fabric store, and a lot of walking. Everything is crowded into one trip. Which for some people may not be a bad thing, but I am a one store a day type of girl. I want to get in and get out and be done with what I am doing.

Well it is time for our trip to town,

Peace and Harmony,


Life is Whispering…


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Heart Listen
Does life’s whispers seem a little fuzzy and messy to you right now?

In case you are wondering for those of you that read this blog regularly, where I come up with my content? It comes from that voice inside that whispers to me. Generally when I am sharing something I am not just sharing with you, but myself. I take a lot of lessons from everywhere I go. Anything from a children’s book to classic fables, to computer games, to just attempting to fix a meal in my kitchen (there is a reason I don’t have a cooking blog, buy hey maybe someday I will show you some pictures of my awesome pies, or one of my experimental baking projects) I have learned to listen to all of life. Sometimes, I get deep wonderful wisdom, and at other times Life seems to be telling me jokes. Of course when life starts telling you jokes it is because you are taking everything too seriously!

What does it sound like

In case you are not one Accustomed to hearing life’s voice it comes in all forms. Sometimes it is a child’s voice, at other times it has a voice of a parent or a grandparent. Then there are those times where you can just look at the absurdity of whatever you are doing, like my favorite game being a computer game that mostly 12 year old’s play. Hey, I learn new things from that all the time. Sometimes it is a television show (for me that means I am hanging out with the parents in their RV) or just friends talking about themselves.

My Personal Whispers

Recently, well maybe not so recently but for the last 8 years of so I believe life has been speaking to me about my diet. I have really been trying to ignore it, but it doesn’t seem to be letting me. It started with a few friends getting diagnosed with Celiac Disease. All they would talk about is eating Gluten Free! Generally that would not even phase me, but it just plain irritated me. I moved a thousand miles away from them and lost all contact with them (for different reasons), and made new friends who started in talking all about eating gluten-free, and even suggesting that it would help me. I still refused to listen! Then I started going out to my parents RV to watch Dr. Oz with them, and one of the first shows was about eating gluten-free, and the symptoms of celiac disease (an allergy to gluten which is in wheat, Barley, and Rye). Finally, after listening to what Dr. Oz had to say, I started hearing that little voice in my head saying, “How many people do we have to send your way?” It is rather funny, that I am so opposed to eating gluten-free, as I almost never eat bread, I eat very little pasta. Really the only thing I would truly have to cut out is my oatmeal in the mornings and an occasional piece of whole wheat bread that I could replace with an Ezekiel bread.  Breads, pastas, cakes, and the likes make me feel less than great, so I rarely eat them.

Is Life Whispering or Yelling at you?

So is there something that keeps getting repeatedly told to you, that could be a message from Life? One test is generally if you are listening the messages will be positive! If you don’t listen then you might get a 2×4 over the head (proverbially speaking), that is when we hit hard times because we won’t let go of the door that life has closed and open the one that is much more rewarding. I find this to be true with people who stay in a job they hate way longer than they should. If your life is miserable then you have probably been ignoring the whispering s of life. I find that if you will simply listen when those friends of yours keep telling you stories about this person who just loves to write but never takes the time to write, or whatever the case is. If you are not doing what you love to do then Life will whisper. If life has a different diet lifestyle it will whisper. Actually, if you are just trying to make up your mind about something, if you will just be still and listen there will be whispers you will hear. Life generally only yells at you, when you refuse to listen to it whispers.

Peace and Harmony,


56 Years Married!


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Two Souls By Sallyjane

Two Souls Painted by Sallyjane Copyright 2009

Today, I just want to tip my hat to my Mom and Dad. Today is their 56th wedding anniversary! Isn’t that just something! My Dad is 80 and my Mom is 78 and they are still together! What an inspiration! Was it easy? No! Marriage never is easy, but they have stuck it out.

Mom gets frustrated sometimes because Dad acts old, like he calls radishes, olives, but I say “What the Heck! He is 80!” Besides last night at dinner I called an avocado an artichoke. The amazing thing is Dad still works everyday helping me with our digital publishing company, and our Murder Mystery Writing Contest! I am so proud of both of them. I must say they are the greatest! I have been wanting to take some pictures of the Mud Hen races that happen every time I step out my back door to go to their door. I scare the Mud Hens and they take off across the empty water filled rice field. Well I have not been able to get that picture, so my parents have both been out in the wet cold wandering around the muddy fields trying to get pictures for me to share with you.  As you can tell they are both in great health! My dad does 12 push-ups every morning as his exercise routine. He still carries around 40 pound bottles of propane for their 35′ rig that they live in, and always comes out when Mom and I get home from shopping to carry the heavy stuff in for us that we have brought home in the back of the pick up truck.

Well here is to lifting the glass to my parents and 56 years of marriage and many more years! My Dad’s mother lived to a century old, so I think I will have them around for a while.

Happy Anniversary Harold and Irene!

From your Daughter Sallyjane!

Peace and Harmony,


Do you love to write? We are having a Murder Mystery contest on our blog, and the books proceeds will be given to charity. Contestants write the chapters, and readers vote. Come join in the fun!  http://www.the777man.com

Wisdom gained from a Computer Game


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I live without a Television, and have for a number of years. I don’t even actually own one, since that day in 2008 when I was moving from one home to another home, and my television got dropped on its face. That was its last act before dying. Since I don’t have a Television, I have to find other ways to entertain myself. At first I played Majong, but that got boring. Then my 12-year-old boy introduced me to backyard monsters, but there again I got bored. That is when my son introduced me to Minecraft. It is a game inspired by Lagos, where you can build endless creations, but unlike Logos monsters come out at night and try to kill you. The days and nights exist of about 10 minutes approximately, which gives you a day’s time to build a shelter. The challenge is you have to mine all of your supplies including food (Well technically you have to either plant, or kill animals to eat). I really actually enjoy this game, because it is creative in nature, and I can just keep building and creating new things.

At first I kept judging it on the merits of reality, but my son repeatedly explained to me it is a computer game and reality does not matter. I have now come to realize and see some real wisdom in this game.

1.)    It is easier to play in peaceful than to fight monsters in life.

2.)    Most people choose to hide from the monsters in life, but some go out hunting them. I personally like to bounce up a few blocks and shoot arrows at the ones that come looking for me.

3.)    Monsters lurk in dark areas.

4.)    When you get too close to Creepers they blow you up.

5.)    Awe and if you even accidentally hurt a neutral creature in this case a wolf they will hunt you down and kill you!

This is the first of my observations in Minecraft. How does this apply to life? Well of course it is always easier to just live life in the peaceful mode. The way we do this is to not judge everyone. Even when we attempt to live life in the peaceful mode the “monsters” will still sometimes come looking for you. You can try to hide from them, but living life in a hole is not very much fun. At the same time going hunting for the “monsters” in life can cause you a lot of strife as you will always be fighting the world. Remember you can avoid a lot of “monsters” if you just stay out of the darkness. Avoid negative situations. Oh and avoid the Creepers in life, as they will blow you up when you get too close to them. They are the negative people who take out their negativity on everyone around them.

Then there is number 5, which I learned a few nights ago while navigating through a forest. I was clearing out a tree block to make a path to walk; when I accidentally hit a wolf on the nose. He had been minding his own business and not a threat to me, but then turned on me with a horrible monster growl, and chased me out into the ocean where I gave up and drowned my avatar. The lesson is this, even nice people and creatures when hurt can turn into monsters. Treat everyone with respect and honor.

Let’s look at some more lessons that I have learned from this game:

6.)    If you climb to the top of a mountain you can see more.

7.)    You climb to the top of a big mountain one block at a time. If you try to climb more blocks than one at a time, you just bounce up and down in the same place or fall off the mountain.

8.)    Always use the right tool for the job at hand. If you are trying to mine stone without a wood pickaxe you might get rid of it, but you won’t collect it. You can mine wood with any tool, but it is much faster with an axe.

9.)    The better the tool the longer it will last. If you make a wooden pickaxe, it will take you a long time to mine anything, but a stone one will last longer than a wooden one, but not as long as an iron axe. Nothing matches the power and efficiency of a diamond tool. But hey who doesn’t like diamonds? Remember some tools just won’t work for everything.

Okay, I think this part of the list is fairly straight forward and applies to life quite naturally without a bunch of explanation. What else would I add to these?


Let’s move on:

10.)   Safety towers are great to help you find your home when you have wandered off in search of supplies, but when you jump off of them you die. (In real life this would be a bad thing because we don’t just return in our beds when we die. We go to another world.

11.)    Maps work just as well as safety towers, but you don’t die right after making one. That is why I prefer maps, but you have to have sugar cane, iron, and Redstone to make a map. Like I said games don’t have to stick to reality. Paper in our lives is made from trees. (Thank goodness in real life we now have gps systems in our phones, and cars. This is such a big benefit for some of us that are not directionally well seeded.

12.)    If you lose your home, and cannot find it, just pick a new place and build a new home.

13.)   Falling off of high cliffs or down into deep holes can be bad for your heart health. Actually, it can be bad for a lot of other parts of you too, but in this game you never see more than your own hand.

14.)   Swimming in Lava is also bad for your heart. Who would have ever of guessed this? I guess games do follow a little bit of reality, although lava will hurt more than just your heart.

15.)  It is always a good idea to watch where you are walking, because you don’t want to fall off a cliff, into a deep cavern, or go swimming in lava. In the game lava just not just exist in volcanos, but also in pools both above ground and below ground.

Oh and let’s not forget the most important thing I have gleaned from playing my son’s computer game… Nothing is impossible! Stone blocks can be suspended in mid-air. Chickens, sheep, and cows can all swim. You can go to the Nether World (Hell) and come back just fine. If you fall into the lava or swim in it as it is called in the game, you re-spawn right back in your bed if you have one, or back to your original spawning point if you have not made a bed and slept in it. Awe and my favorite thing is that when I get bored I can create a whole new world for myself.


Peace and harmony,


Do you love to write? We are having a Murder Mystery contest on our blog, and the books proceeds will be given to charity. Contestants write the chapters, and readers vote. Come join in the fun!  http://www.the777man.com

Have You?


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Passion, Love, Focus, Thoughts

Well that is a big open-ended question (literally). Seriously, have you ever suddenly started thinking about someone you know or love, and then had the phone ring and it was them on the other end. Have you ever had that feeling that you should pick up the phone and call someone, and when you did they answered and told you “I they have been looking everywhere for your phone number”? Have you ever picked up the phone to call someone and the person you were calling was calling you. The phone call went through with no rings because you called each other at the exact same time.

The other day, I was sitting working on my couch, which is my favorite place to sit and work, when I suddenly decided I needed to talk to my Dad right then. I put my laptop down, and headed out my backdoor to his RV (my parents live in a 35′ RV in my backyard), as I shut my door I heard his door shut also. I looked up from my concentrations, and there was my Dad heading in to my house with his head down. I stopped chuckling to myself, and stomped my feet in a kind of amazement. My father took two or three more steps and decided to look up and saw me. This is where it got really amazing he made all the same body movements I had just made when I saw him. This morning I was again sitting on my couch and working away (by the way I do have a desk and all of that, but I like my couch there seems to be more creativity in this part of the house) when I suddenly thought I need to go check on Dad. I headed out the door to his little house in my backyard. When I got there he was elbow deep in a computer problem that he knew the answer to, but just could not find the answer. I sat down and solved his problem.

How is it that we do this? How do we know when our friend can not find out phone number, or when good old Dad just needs a little computer help? Have you ever contemplated this?

The answers are easy, yet complicated in that they involve a lot of Quantum Physics and I have studied this subject for years. What I want to do is to put this into a short understandable language, and if you want the more detailed answer then you can go read all about quantum physics.

The short understandable answer: Is that there is a fabric that underlies everything in our world. We are all made of that fabric. “Fabric” is the easiest way to explain it, some will refer to it as God, some call it an infinite intelligence, some call it the subconscious mind, and others come up with all kinds of descriptions, but we know that this fabric is there. The interesting thing is that when you put a thought into this fabric the fabric changes to form the thought in the physical form. (Hmmm… I am not sure that this is the simple and understandable way to describe this, but please try to stick with me a little longer.) Therefore when we start to focus on a thought, the fabric takes the thought and immediately goes to forming the thought into a physical form. The fabric does not care if you focus on a positive or negative thought, as it will give you whatever you focus on. Therefore it is important to control what we focus on.

Now back to the “Have You?” questions… When you focus on a friend and you think upon them, the fabric of life goes to work on forming that friend into your presence. I often start to think about someone and they will show up physically in my life. Just like when I decided to go talk to my Dad the other day. We were both thinking about the other and the fabric formed us meeting half way between the two houses. There have been many people who speak of suddenly waking up with the thought of a loved one on their mind so powerfully that they could not go back to sleep, only to find out that the loved one was in an accident or hospital at that very moment.

The fabric connects all of us to each other, and   knows everything that is going on with each of us. It even knows when to wake someone up in the middle of the night. I recently heard a bazaar story of a couple who went to bed, and in the middle of the night their house caught on fire. I was shocked when the news announcer told his audience that their Boa Constrictor snake came upstairs, and proceeded to pull the sheet off of them to wake them, so they would escape the fire. The snake saved their lives. This is not normal behavior of a snake, but the life fabric knows how to bring about whatever it needs to form whatever is needed in the physical. Sending a snake to wake up a family was just the way it form the needed task at hand.

May I ask what are you focused on? What do you think about on a daily basis? Do you even know what it is you want? Everyone keeps asking my daughter who is 18 what she wants to study in college and what colleges she applied to. Her answer is she wants to attend the Community college, because she is not sure what she wants to be when she grows up. Okay some of those where my paraphrasing of what my daughter would tell you, but you get the point. You need to figure out what really fires you up in life. What is your passion? What is it that you can not wait to get out of bed to get started on? Are you doing that which is your passion, and are you working towards making your passion your source of income? These are some good questions to really look at, and if you start to focus on your passion as your source of income eventually it will be just that.

Peace and Harmony


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