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What should I not say? There are lots of things we should not say, because our words create our world. Actually our thoughts and words create our world, so if you get up with say a headache, or a backache, or you didn’t sleep well the night before and you are still tired, if you speak it out loud it only gives it more power. So yes thinking upon it is not a good idea either, but words give thoughts even more power!  I know how hard it is to not think or speak about pain, tiredness, sickness, or not being where you want to be in life, but complaining only gives that which you do not want more power.

Now I am a writer and an artist, and the main topic of this blog is writing, so I do want to keep this as motivation towards writing, painting, and being creative. How much harder is it to get up early and start writing if you are focused on some pain in your body or your life. Being creative when all you are thinking about and repeating over and over and over again is that this or that part of my body hurts is almost impossible. If you do manage to sit down and write you will probably spend the whole time complaining about your pain, and never hear that small still voice or the music in the silence that I know as creativity speaking or singing a beautiful song to you. By the time you are done if you originally had a headache, you probably have a migraine.

You are probably wondering what brought up this subject. It is a simple answer I woke up this morning and actually for the last three days with an unspeakable. I have not spoken it out loud once, and that small still voice in my head told me you really need to share the power of not speaking it out loud. “Wait a second you have had it for three days and not spoken about it, and you still woke up with it this morning? What good is that?” You ask. By refocusing on other things I find that the unspeakable loses it power in me and I am able to keep going, doing the things that I need and want to do. Actually, I have found that through this process that I have been practicing the unspeakable junk is less noticeable throughout my day.  AS a matter of fact if I can completely change that focus then the unspeakable becomes a great deal less thinkable. In other words I stop thinking about it and move on with the fun creative stuff.

Now here is a thought if you can forget about the unspeakable, and the miserable, then imagine what you could accomplish by speaking out loud and in your head positive things that you want to happen? In the book “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy, suggests that if you want more money or wealth in your life, then simply focus on and speak out loud and to yourself as often as possible the words “Wealth Success”.  He also suggests that you should speak those words to yourself as you fall off to sleep at night and anytime you wake up during the night. I have been practicing this now for a while and I have to say it helps me sleep better at night. I wake up in the morning earlier and much more cheerful. I have much better dreams. Best of all of the advantages I find that more people are finding me on a professional level.

Now imagine you are trying to lose weight, and you constantly speak fit and thin. What things in your life do you think would change? The way you eat? How about your desire to get out and exercise? What you believe about how much your weight? All of the above would change.

Fit Thine

Now imagine if you speak the words “Peace Harmony?”  or “Writing Success”. If you are single and have the desire to get married, then how about “Love Marriage?” Just repeating the words over and over in your head or out loud is so powerful. “Health Strength” would be another good set of words you could repeat over and over to yourself.

I even created a visual of my words and they are on my desktop as my background. I personally do not like to see a cluttered desktop, so I actually delete as many icons as I can and then hide the rest, so my picture of my words is the only thing on my desktop. What I did to create this is I went into Office Word or you can use Paint either way. Then I filled the background with purple, you can use any color you want. I like to use a fancy font or typeface, so I went to one of those sites where you can download free fonts. I downloaded one, and you want to install them to your font’s folder in Windows folder on the C drive. I typed out the word chose the font from my fonts list and changed the color to the color of my choice. I also like to add borders around the words to make them stand out. I am working with a Windows 7 Operating system that has the snipping tool, and Office 2010 which also seems to have the same tool, although I am use to the one in 7, so I have not tried 2010’s tool. The picture at the top of my page is my background picture. I made a few more for examples pictures for you to see with other words. If you like one of the word images and want to use it, go for it! Just right-click it and save as desktop background. Of course if you have fancier programs like Adobe Illustrator or any other graphics program than by all means go ahead and use them. These are just programs that everyone pretty much has, so I have done the samples with these programs.

I hope you enjoy,

Peace be with you,