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Blue Heron

Blue Heron Drawn by Sallyjane Woods In Adobe Illustrator

How about just some Sunday morning musings from the Ranch today? Let’s keep it light!

I was awoken this morning by the sound of bam… bam… bam… I opened my eyes and slowly started to move towards the edge of the bed thinking someone must be at my door. Then again, Bam Bam Bam…BamBam the sound rang through my very sleepy head. That is when I realized it was not my door, but that was the sound of gunshots going off outside my door. Some of you who don’t live where I live may be thinking now, “OH Crap!” Yes, If I lived in the city I would be thinking that too, but I don’t, so I just rolled over and went back to sleep knowing that that was the sound of hunters. They were shooting at ducks or geese, I have no idea exactly what they were shooting at, but this is a regular sound here on the ranch.  I am not sure why people want to get up that early on their days off, and go out into the cold morning air, and wander through cold, wet, muddy fields and shoot at birds. Some mornings I wonder how they can even see the birds let alone shoot them, but in my life I try to live with absolute non judgement. So I just roll over and go back to sleep.

One of my favorite things about living here on the ranch is watching the birds. Right now I have a whole flock of mud hens  who are enjoying a huge mud pond that was a rice field a few months ago. Now it is filled with water and the stubble of the rice is scrunched down under the water to deteriorate. They use to burn the fields, but now they fill them with water, and the cool thing about that is that there is a lot more wild life. Many a morning I awake and look out my window to find a white egret  sitting right outside my window. On other days there are Blue herons, and many other types of birds. I do love that part of where I live.

Red Eyed Frogs

Okay Red Eyed Frog don't live on the Ranch, but I drew these three. Can you find the third one?

Then there are other times like late at night when as I am getting ready for bed, and I notice a frog halfway up my bedroom wall just hanging out. You should see me chasing the frog out of my room. It is quite a hilarious picture! He jumps! I jump! I make a high-pitched squeal. He jumps again! I jump, and it goes on and on until I finally get him out of my room. So you might be asking, “Out of your room? How about out of the house?” I really don’t worry about them being out of my house, but I do not want them coming down off my ceiling in the middle of the night onto my bed. That is why I remove them from my bedroom.  About a week ago or so, I woke up to rat droppings all over my bathroom floor, and I must say, “At least this critter chose the right room of the house to leave his droppings!” I cleaned them up, and so far he has not been back. Living here you really can not worry about critters too  much because they are everywhere. The water snakes are constantly in my pathway to my car. The lizards live on my front porch, well actually it is my back porch, but lets not get too technical it is the porch that I use on a regular basis. They are the most awesome little critter family I have here. They love to be hosed down with a garden hose, and will just sit there as you spray them. I just wish the babies would not take shade under my tires of my car. I just feel horrible when I run over one.

Photo of a White Egret like the one that hangs out outside my bedroom window.

I have also come home to a family of skunks sitting on the back porch of my house (that was not at this house, but when I lived in a neighboring house about 5 miles down the road years ago). Then there are the sounds of coyotes at night. It is all quite amazing. But what I think I love the most about living out like this is the peace and quiet. Sure there is the Highway that can be heard as trucks and cars whiz by, but I tune those out completely. I only hear the sounds that I focus on and that is the birds and other critters.

I will eventually leaving here and returning to the City for another five years till my little guy graduates high school, but when he has flown the coop, I have decided that I will settle somewhere in the country on some land. Where I can enjoy this peaceful life.

Peace and Harmony

Sallyjane (Sj)

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