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I was reading several other blogs today and this last week, and throughout this time I have read about Trolls (as in Blog Trolls on Kristen Lambs Blog), then there were some wonderful tales of Vampires on two different blogs, both left me wanting more (Lindsey Clarke). I wish I could find the other person, but as soon as I do, I will let you know who he is.  Then today reading the comments of Kristen Lambs post on Trolls, I stumbled across a women who writes about werewolves. She is very interesting because she use to train wild wolves for a living (along with sea lions, and other wild animals). You can find her here on Serena Dracis’ Blog. She also works with spirits to help them cross over. Well as I have been reading all kinds of things have been going through my head, but something that was stated at the top of Ms. Lambs blog was “I know you guys think we are in the 21st century and that we are far too sophisticated to believe in mythical creatures, but I am here to share a real threat. Lurking beneath the digital highway?

All of this got me thinking, and mulling it over and over. I know people who believe in faeries, and pixies, and lots of paranormal stuff. More people will admit to believing in ghosts, than will typically admit to believing in faeries. More people will admit to believing in faeries, than will ever admit to believing Vampires are real. Then there is the whole debate of Big Foot. I use to live up in Walla Walla WA. Walla Walla is right at the base of the blue mountains. Much of the blue mountains is fairly untouched thick forest. The residents that I would routinely meet who lived up on that mountain all claimed to have had encounters with a Big Foot. Now I personally have encountered ghosts, so I can say yeah, but when people started telling me there was a huge creature up in the hills above my house I really didn’t want to believe it. The problem was that the locals had very convincing stories of this creature. Well I now am back in my home of California, living on the ranch, and I personally can not say whether I believe in Big Foot or not. I am left with a lot of questions. Then there are a number of friends of mine who are Witches, or Wickens/Pagans. They have a firm belief in the existence of Fae or Faeries. They believe them to be somewhere between Angels and People and to be more Spirit than people are, but less than Angels are. It is said that they take care of the Earth. Now I have to say I am not here to say if these things exist or not, but my question became are they real in your opinion? Are Faeries, Elves, Trolls, Werewolves, and Big Foots real in your opinion? Do you believe in Ghosts? I think you have an idea about my belief as far as Ghosts or Spirits go, but I want to hear your opinion. I want to hear your take on whether these are Mythical or Magical Creatures?

I love to write about such things, well I don’t generally wander into the world of Vampires, but I do love Creatures of fantasy. I love to delve into worlds unknown, and to tell tales of things that come from deep within me. Instead of writing a story about a single mom making it on her own in this realm we live in (which is who I am doing and know well) I write about that same woman living in a land or realm far from this life or this time. I describe creatures that I don’t even know if they exist in any other stories, some do, but most come straight out of my creativity. I guess that is why I was wondering what everyone else believes. I have only two requests, and the first one is that you reply with a comment however long, and two that you respect others comments and beliefs. If you are acting as a troll, I will simply delete your comment before anyone even sees it.

Have fun, and I want to remind you that we are hosting a Writing Contest on another Blog of ours at the The 4 Leaf Clover Blog at www.the777man.com. You can also check out our Main Site There you will find the books we have written and my father’s and mine biography, and some fun free stuff.

Peace and Harmony,