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Good morning everyone! How was your dark internet Wednesday? I really tried to just not even go on the internet yesterday, and that task was made easier by my body displaying some unspeakable symptoms of what others might call a cold. I took it as my body demanding some rest time, and today there I am feeling so much better.

So today I thought I would share some thoughts on “Judgment”. This is an area where I work very hard to avoid judging not only people but everything in general. I find it interesting that in most of the major religions judgment is described as a sin or the equivalent of. Yet in everyday life it is so hard to not judge everything we come into contact. I believe we are our own worst enemies much of the time. We seem to criticize our own work harder than anyone else. Many people go through life with our worst fear being that someday somebody will find out who we really are, and tell the world. The fact is most of the time the world sees us through clearer spectacles than we see ourselves. How often do we look through a filter of an inferiority complex, when we are actually respected by those around us as being good enough and generally better than good enough.

Judging my work, throwing away dreams

Have you thrown away dreams through judging your work?

Then there is how we judge others, and I find that we judge others by the degree that we judge ourselves. So if we have compassion for ourselves then we will have compassion for others. Actually, whenever someone offends or hurts me or even worse I feel the compulsion to judge someone, I take a deep breath and look long and hard in the mirror. “What is it in me that I am seeing reflected in this person?” Generally speaking the people who will upset us the most are the ones that we see something in ourselves that we don’t like in that person. Wow! that might be a hard one to swallow, but it is so true.

Sure there are those times when we meet someone who is just pure ugly with what they say and do, and act, and generally it is someone who has been hurt to the point that they are just lashing out at everyone. That said if we just look behind the acting out to the reason they are acting the way they are then we can often just give them that space to vent, grow, heal.

Who have you passed judgment on? Yourself? Others?

So often we look through eyes that have been tinted with emotion, and pass judgement on ourselves and others. That emotion is often more than not fear. Through this judgement we can say or do things that will harm others, and ourselves. How often have you looked through those fear based glasses at one of your writings, and judged it not good enough and thrown it away or stuffed in the back of a dark closet for no light to see it. What if that piece of work was good enough? What if it was what a certain publisher was looking for at that time. What if what you had written had come from the heart filled with love, and the power to heal another human. Judgment is such a dangerous place to stand, and cast a shadow of darkness so dark that neither you or the other can see their way out from under it.

I often wonder what the world would be like if we did not judge others? What the world would look like if we did not judge ourselves? How much more would we achieve? How much time would we save ourselves from? Then I wonder what the world would look like if we did not judge others? What if no one ever judged another person by their weight, the color of their skin, their sexual preference, their religion, the color of their hair or eyes, or the way the did things? I remember being in high school and there were some kids who had severe disabilities, and the other kids loved to harass them. I would often try to protect them by telling the other kids to stop, and then get harassed also. I just want you to think of what a world without judgment would look like internally and externally.

Peace and Harmony,


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