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Don't What?

Don't What?

Wow, that is a great way to start off on a blog post with a big huge Don’t. Probably that image in and of itself is a bit confusing, and I made that way on purpose. The artist in me could not help itself, but first of all we have the traditional “Don’t” symbol, but underneath it we have a the word “Don’t written in green which is traditionally the symbol for go, growth, money, and so forth. Beyond that though is it tell you to or not to? Because lets face it a double negative equals a positive.

Actually I want to talk to you about the way we phrase things. Have you ever told a child “Don’t touch that”? What did they do? They waited till they thought you were not looking and they touched it. I have a teenager who is 18 and another child who will be turning into one officially in July. I ask you again what happens when you tell a teenager “Don’t do That”? They turn around and do what ever you told them not to do right in front of you face just to show you.  My 18-year-old has been telling both me and her father that she could make her own decisions for the last year and a half (she just turned 18 in November) because she was “basically” an adult for all purposes. We would just laugh. She posted the other day on Facebook that she is NOT allowed to touch her brother’s hamster when he is gone, so “shuuuush! The hamster is asleep in my sweatshirt sleeve. Don’t tell the brother Please”. Yes she posted this on Facebook for the whole world to see.

I laugh at my kids, because if they have like a favorite candy bar, or something that they “Don’t” want anyone to touch they will tell me, “Mom, don’t touch into my candy bar!” Okay, so the thought had never even crossed my mind till they told me “Don’t”! Now all I can think about is touching their candy bar. Now I would never eat it, but just telling me that gets me so focused on touching the candy bar, that I can not help myself, but to move it to a new place out of sight from my child.

Why? I ask. There is something about the way our subconscious minds are wired that causes us to focus on what ever the words are following the “Don’t”. It is like the image above it is a mixed message, conscious brain knows that we shouldn’t, but subconscious just hears the words following the word “Don’t”. By the way, what have you been thinking about through this whole post? I am guessing that you have had images of purple tigers running through the jungles of your brain. As a matter of fact you are trying to figure out how purple tigers fit into this post. Actually the whole post has nothing to do with purple tigers, but that I asked you, “DON”T think about purple tigers” in the title. This whole post is about what the brain does with the word “Don’t” or any of its negative type words.

Here is the deal, we are told that we can create our whole world around us by simply focusing on what we want. The thing is that most of us know more about what we “Don’t” want than what we do want. We go through our days focusing on “Oh, I don’t want that!” Ooh, that would be bad, I “don’t’ want that either!” The problem with these thoughts is that our subconscious which is in charge of creating our worlds is unable to process the word “Don’t”, and it goes to work immediately on the “That!” This is why so many people create all the things that they “Don’t” want in their world. Then they turn around and tell everyone they meet that the Law of Attraction, “Don’t” work for them or anyone in their minds, because their subconscious mind only got the images of the “That” and could not process the “Don’t”.

So don’t you go about the rest of your day thinking about purple tigers running through blue fields of sunshine. Because come on everyone knows that there is no such thing as purple tigers, and fields are green. Besides it is the middle of winter here in America, and the sun “Don’t” shine.

Peace and Harmony,


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