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We’ve contacted the Literary Agents, Publishers, and the list goes on, so, “Where are you on writing your first chapter entry for the Mystery Contest? It is due this Friday at Midnight the 27th of January 2012. Here is the setting, let the rest roll off your pen or keyboard. If Mystery isn’t your genre, give it a try anyways, it will broaden your horizons, and sharpen your pen. Tick Tock Tick Tock


“Here on the wharf in November, 9th 1929, which is located on a coastal inlet. This bay is protected by a man-made rock and boulder jetty which jets out into the ocean, perhaps two-thousand feet from the shoreline. This man-made jetty protects the bay from the pounding
and thundering forces of the Ocean. To my right are a Sawmill and the owner’s mansion up on the hill. I can see the local tugboat, chugging along, out on the bay, taking passengers across the bay to their jobs at another Sawmill. Down the wharf from me, on my left, I see three kids which each look to be eleven or twelve years old. They are fishing for sharks, just for sport and excitement of that activity. I wonder what will happen if they catch a four-foot tiger shark and have to lift it fourteen or fifteen feet, up from the water below, while it is twisting, jerking and jumping in an  attempted escape?

Can you picture in your mind’s eye, this dreary setting, the texture, the grey-brown colors of the worn wharf-planking and the deteriorating cannery building’s ancient boards and bat structures which line the docks? In the foreground there are fishing trawlers tethered to the ladders which are anchored to the wooden pilings upon which the boardwalk of the dock is constructed. The murky water is rising in gentle swells from the incoming tide. Across the bay on the sandy peninsula I can barely see the makeshift outline of the sawmill buildings. Below the buildings I can see the men who are ridding the logs on the bay and guiding them with long poles into the chain-rigging which will carry the logs up to the blades of the huge circular saws which cut the redwood logs into rough lumber ready for re-manufacturing.”

This is a perfect chance to put yourself out there. To expand your horizons beyond the blog, which is by the way was a great starting point for every writer. Now take the next step, even if you have never entered a writing contest, there is no time like the present.

You can read about it on http://www.the777man.com. You can submit your entries at submit@youbetheauthor.com If you need a little help with getting started, you can visit our site http://www.Youbetheauthor.com and check our book “You Want To Be A Published Author”. Remember this contest is raising money for charity! Invite your friends and loyal followers to come and vote on the chapters. Let the fun begin!

Peace and Harmpony,