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Nerd, Own it

Whoops! I went missing a few days! Actually, Dad and I had a little technical difficulties. One of our computers kept bombing, and after applying a number of Band-aids to it, we finally broke down and completely rebuilt it. The Motherboard was still good and it is a Pentium 4 so we did not want to get rid of that, but we took the rest of the computer apart, and we upgraded from a 200 GB hard drive to a 2 tera byte hard drive. It was actually kind of funny because it seems that there is a shortage of hard drive availability due to flooding in Taiwan. We had no intention of going to that big of a hard drive, but we needed a new hard drive and that was what we could get. Awe what the heck, we are tech geeks anyways, so we did so enjoy the process, and especially buying that huge hard drive. It was fun, but of course re-installing all our software onto the old/new computer was and is a long process. We are still downloading Dreamweaver who knows how long that will take us.

I had given up on building my own computers several years ago, when I went to laptops, but I have decided to go back to building my own. I am very excited because my budding little nerd N. who is 12 is all excited about building a desktop for him with my help. I get to pass on my inherited nerdiness. Isn’t that fun!

His old her sister wants him to go out for football to de-nerdify him, but I am not sure I see that happening. He had some kids at school bullying him because he was a nerd, and I told him to tell them, “Yeah! Ain’t it great! Someday you are all going to work for me!” It worked, the bullying has stopped! If you own whatever they are hassling you about then there is nothing to hassle you about. His older sister I. in 5th grade was having trouble with some kids calling her 4 eyes. That particular year, I had bought her glasses with the magnetic snap on sunglasses. She was out on the playground on this one particular bully called her 4 eyes in front of everyone. She asked the girl, “Can’t you count? I have one, two, three, four, five, six eyes!” As she pointed to her own eyes, the basic glasses, and then the shades. No one ever called her four eyes again. I hear all this debate about combating bullying, and all I say is you have to teach your kids to own who they are, and face off with the bullies. My sister taught me if someone was picking on me and wanted to fight, to look them straight in the eye, and tell them “go ahead beat me up, but I won’t throw a single punch” She told me to say it really loud! Then to add “will it make you feel tough?” I have to say I used it several times and it worked amazingly well. It made my bully look and feel like a fool. Come on what is a one-sided fight?

I was reading on another Blog titled “10 things I learned from Living with a Nerd”,  and found it humorous as to how it is cool to be a nerd these days. I don’t think it has anything to do with as much times changing as nerds coming into their own and owning who they are. They are being okay with the fact that they are smart. We all need to do that, own who we are. When I was growing up it wasn’t cool to be in band, but musicians are now considered cool. When I was growing up being the artist kid was not cool, but now people look at my art and my talent with such awe. When I was growing up being smart was NOT cool, and I was not able to own that part of myself, so I played the dumb blond. I never turned in homework, I never studied for tests, and I barely graduated from High School. A few years later I went to college and graduated top of my class in three years with a four-year degree. I took ownership of who I was!

I always laugh at men who try to cover up their balding thinning hair by combing it over and wearing hats or worse to cover it up. I say “Own It!” It doesn’t matter what you look like if you own it, you will be naturally attractive. My daughter I. who is quite popular in school decided at a particular point that she was in charge of deciding what popular was. One day she came home from school (She had started to date a football player), and announced that the only difference between nerds and football players was the uniform! Whoa! I thought, “What a genius conclusion to draw!”

Well, now that I have pretty much worn out my soap box, I will step down now!

Peace and Harmony,


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