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Passion, Love, Focus, Thoughts

Well that is a big open-ended question (literally). Seriously, have you ever suddenly started thinking about someone you know or love, and then had the phone ring and it was them on the other end. Have you ever had that feeling that you should pick up the phone and call someone, and when you did they answered and told you “I they have been looking everywhere for your phone number”? Have you ever picked up the phone to call someone and the person you were calling was calling you. The phone call went through with no rings because you called each other at the exact same time.

The other day, I was sitting working on my couch, which is my favorite place to sit and work, when I suddenly decided I needed to talk to my Dad right then. I put my laptop down, and headed out my backdoor to his RV (my parents live in a 35′ RV in my backyard), as I shut my door I heard his door shut also. I looked up from my concentrations, and there was my Dad heading in to my house with his head down. I stopped chuckling to myself, and stomped my feet in a kind of amazement. My father took two or three more steps and decided to look up and saw me. This is where it got really amazing he made all the same body movements I had just made when I saw him. This morning I was again sitting on my couch and working away (by the way I do have a desk and all of that, but I like my couch there seems to be more creativity in this part of the house) when I suddenly thought I need to go check on Dad. I headed out the door to his little house in my backyard. When I got there he was elbow deep in a computer problem that he knew the answer to, but just could not find the answer. I sat down and solved his problem.

How is it that we do this? How do we know when our friend can not find out phone number, or when good old Dad just needs a little computer help? Have you ever contemplated this?

The answers are easy, yet complicated in that they involve a lot of Quantum Physics and I have studied this subject for years. What I want to do is to put this into a short understandable language, and if you want the more detailed answer then you can go read all about quantum physics.

The short understandable answer: Is that there is a fabric that underlies everything in our world. We are all made of that fabric. “Fabric” is the easiest way to explain it, some will refer to it as God, some call it an infinite intelligence, some call it the subconscious mind, and others come up with all kinds of descriptions, but we know that this fabric is there. The interesting thing is that when you put a thought into this fabric the fabric changes to form the thought in the physical form. (Hmmm… I am not sure that this is the simple and understandable way to describe this, but please try to stick with me a little longer.) Therefore when we start to focus on a thought, the fabric takes the thought and immediately goes to forming the thought into a physical form. The fabric does not care if you focus on a positive or negative thought, as it will give you whatever you focus on. Therefore it is important to control what we focus on.

Now back to the “Have You?” questions… When you focus on a friend and you think upon them, the fabric of life goes to work on forming that friend into your presence. I often start to think about someone and they will show up physically in my life. Just like when I decided to go talk to my Dad the other day. We were both thinking about the other and the fabric formed us meeting half way between the two houses. There have been many people who speak of suddenly waking up with the thought of a loved one on their mind so powerfully that they could not go back to sleep, only to find out that the loved one was in an accident or hospital at that very moment.

The fabric connects all of us to each other, and   knows everything that is going on with each of us. It even knows when to wake someone up in the middle of the night. I recently heard a bazaar story of a couple who went to bed, and in the middle of the night their house caught on fire. I was shocked when the news announcer told his audience that their Boa Constrictor snake came upstairs, and proceeded to pull the sheet off of them to wake them, so they would escape the fire. The snake saved their lives. This is not normal behavior of a snake, but the life fabric knows how to bring about whatever it needs to form whatever is needed in the physical. Sending a snake to wake up a family was just the way it form the needed task at hand.

May I ask what are you focused on? What do you think about on a daily basis? Do you even know what it is you want? Everyone keeps asking my daughter who is 18 what she wants to study in college and what colleges she applied to. Her answer is she wants to attend the Community college, because she is not sure what she wants to be when she grows up. Okay some of those where my paraphrasing of what my daughter would tell you, but you get the point. You need to figure out what really fires you up in life. What is your passion? What is it that you can not wait to get out of bed to get started on? Are you doing that which is your passion, and are you working towards making your passion your source of income? These are some good questions to really look at, and if you start to focus on your passion as your source of income eventually it will be just that.

Peace and Harmony


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