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Two Souls By Sallyjane

Two Souls Painted by Sallyjane Copyright 2009

Today, I just want to tip my hat to my Mom and Dad. Today is their 56th wedding anniversary! Isn’t that just something! My Dad is 80 and my Mom is 78 and they are still together! What an inspiration! Was it easy? No! Marriage never is easy, but they have stuck it out.

Mom gets frustrated sometimes because Dad acts old, like he calls radishes, olives, but I say “What the Heck! He is 80!” Besides last night at dinner I called an avocado an artichoke. The amazing thing is Dad still works everyday helping me with our digital publishing company, and our Murder Mystery Writing Contest! I am so proud of both of them. I must say they are the greatest! I have been wanting to take some pictures of the Mud Hen races that happen every time I step out my back door to go to their door. I scare the Mud Hens and they take off across the empty water filled rice field. Well I have not been able to get that picture, so my parents have both been out in the wet cold wandering around the muddy fields trying to get pictures for me to share with you.  As you can tell they are both in great health! My dad does 12 push-ups every morning as his exercise routine. He still carries around 40 pound bottles of propane for their 35′ rig that they live in, and always comes out when Mom and I get home from shopping to carry the heavy stuff in for us that we have brought home in the back of the pick up truck.

Well here is to lifting the glass to my parents and 56 years of marriage and many more years! My Dad’s mother lived to a century old, so I think I will have them around for a while.

Happy Anniversary Harold and Irene!

From your Daughter Sallyjane!

Peace and Harmony,


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