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My Back Yard

This is my back yard!

Okay, so it is almost 2pm and I have done all kinds of things to avoid writing today’s post. Does that sound familiar? The thing is that if I take any longer to get it done it will be time for me to head to town to run some errands. Fortunately, town is only 10-11 miles away and we only have a few errands to run today, but you can only put off trips to town so long. For those of you who live in a normal place like a city or even a somewhat small town this idea of going to town is probably a foreign idea. Every trip to town is planned out, and organized. Lists are made, and saved up for the inevitable trip to town. So if you “need” something it goes on the list of things to get while in town. Some of our shopping trips can take up to 5 or 6 hours to complete. Those are usually not to the town that is only 11 miles away, but to the town that is 30 miles away. There we have a lot more choices, but we don’t even make those once a week, those trips are saved up.

So today, will stop and get water and any groceries at one store, and then there is my least favorite store Wal-Mart, that we will have to stop at for some toiletries. We use to have more choices of stores, but we are down to just a couple. Wal-Mart is building a big superstore in town, which means we will end up with fewer choices in the little town. Then one other stop, and I think we will be back on the road home.

I have lived a good part of my life saving up trips. I can remember one time I ran out of butter in the middle of baking cookies. I decided to just run to town for some butter and make a real quick trip. The trip took me three hours because as I left the house I was given the “list” of things that the household needed. I am hoping to be home in 2 hours today, but this is not a trip to town alone, but with Mom, so she may have other stops planned for our trip to town.

In case you are wondering what the “list” can include? It can include anything from hardware stores, to feed stores (right now we don’t have any animals to feed, so not too much there) and then there is always basic needs as in Wal-Mart or the grocery store. Then the post office, and any local places that we need to stop. Mom doesn’t like to use our dryer to dry heavy things, so sometimes it includes a laundromat. You just never really know what will be needed out here. Oh an often we stop at the local Raley’s (a grocery store) that caries really nice things but you pay for them.

Now if we are going to a bigger town then that will include the mall, and Costco, Winco, maybe a fabric store, and a lot of walking. Everything is crowded into one trip. Which for some people may not be a bad thing, but I am a one store a day type of girl. I want to get in and get out and be done with what I am doing.

Well it is time for our trip to town,

Peace and Harmony,