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Moses Shepherd labador


I just learned that there is a wrong way to do a “High Five”. This is news to me, and now I am wondering if I do this right? Probably not, as I am in my mid to late forties.  We do everything the un-cool way, and frankly don’t care! I was reading a post on fears of Mashed Potatoes, High-Fiving, and Nose Whistling and then went to her about page as I usually do when I am checking out a blog at: http://tennizzlle.wordpress.com/about-me/ (By the way if you don’t follow this gal, you should… I love her blog!) This is where I found out that there is supposedly a right and a wrong way to do this. So I am now wondering if I do this particular thing right or wrong?

Shepherd Lab Mix named Moses

Dirty Moses At the Beach

I have taught all my dogs to “High Five” Did I teach them the wrong way of doing it? They are all so cute when they do this, and I am sure they really don’t care if it is right or wrong. Hell, Moses the Shepherd Lab he thinks it is cool to pet humans just like they pet him, but his paws are so rough. We have actually had to put moisturizer on his paws to be able to survive his wanting to pet our legs just like we pet his back and tummy. Tuxedo who passed over a number of years ago at 17 not only could High Five, but rang bells to go outside. He was my purebred poodle party mix (meaning two colors). Then there was Bunny (Toy poodle, Schnauzer mix), well Bunny was born blind and with seizures, but she was convinced she could do everything every other dog could do, but go for walks down streets outside of our yard, too many smells.  She would put up her little paw  up and you had to match your hand to hers. Lets see Ebby, was a rescue who was afraid to show any emotions at all. She would sing to me when I got home though. I never really got past trying to bring her out of her shell, so we did not work on tricks. Ebby was a schnauzer of miniature size who had been owned by a breeder who did not treat her nice at all. The rest of my dogs go back beyond my adult life.

As I am writing this thinking about whether I do a high-five right and if I taught my dogs to do one right, I am also thinking about Moses, Tuxedo and Bunny and what they would say to the idea of there being a right and wrong way to do a High Five. I can tell you Moses would look up at you and with eyes filled with love and say (Oh wait we better rephrase this because Moses is a guard dog and if you don’t know him and come into his yard to inspect his high-five, you’re going to have much bigger problem than if he does his high-five right.) So He would look up at me and say, “I love You Momma!” and a high-five, “Now where are my kids” His kids were actually my kids, but he was in charge of guarding the kids to the point he slept outside between their doors at night.  Just a note when Moses was off his property, even just out in the street, he was playful and cute to everyone!

Tuxedo who pranced around just knowing he was the most beautiful Pooeple in the world. He knew for sure he was not a person, but he also wasn’t just a mere dog. He knew how to do everything and you only had to show him once. So Mr. Know it All, knew how to do a high-five and it didn’t matter if you thought it should be done different. By the way Mr. Know it All, pranced and did everything with flare!

Bunny the so-called Snoodle weighing in under 10 pounds… Watch out, because whenever she did not understand what was going on… She snapped! She was not the one to tell she was not doing it right. You also did not want to wake this dog up by touching her, as she would strike like a snake. In my frustration of trying to train these traits out of her, I found out that many a dog with a disabled sense like blindness would get confused and defend out of nature. She always felt bad, well except when she bit my now ex husband, then she would just sit and laugh at him.  When I was working at my desk, where I had made Bunny a little comfy bed under it (that she really did not like) and she wanted my attention, she would go in and sit tall and proud in her little bed. “See Mom, I am in my bed! Just for you Mom!” She would say.

So basically dogs don’t care if they look cool doing something. I find that you teach a dog a new trick and they just bubble over when showing you their new trick. So maybe my attitude of I don’t care if I look cool doing a high-five or a knuckle bump is a good attitude to have. Let’s face it when you become my age and you attempt to or do something that is supposed to be cool, you never look cool anyways! Hey it’s fun to embarrass your teenage kids though, by doing these things in front of them in public places. Hehe!

My moral, go out and have fun, and it is totally okay to do things a little goofy, and if they ask, just say its my style! Trust me it is only a  few more years till you are my age and your teenagers and young adults will be laughing at you anyways at the way to do things!

Peace and Harmony,


PS I have an award I need to nominate a few people like 15, and I will get to that very soon!

PSS Pictures taken by my Niece Jessie