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Where is the Love

Where did the Love Go?

This morning I got up and did my normal sit and wake up in silence while I drink my protein shake that I like having for breakfast. It is a period of silence where I am in a state of just being there in that space. Often amazing thoughts creep through the fuzz of the sleepy eyes, and new awesome concepts arise. Then I picked up my computer as I normally do, and started to read down through my Facebook page. There has been a growing irritation with my Facebook page and I have had a hard time putting my finger on it. Today it hit me! I personally had not realized that a Celebrity or anyone else had passed over, so it took me a few minutes to figure it all out. I have a lot of people on my Facebook that use it as a pulpit to preach, and argue the “Truth”. That is what has been bugging me, because I don’t care what your truth is, I know that in every book of Truths it is written that the most important thing that we can have is “Love. I ask “Where has the Love gone?” There was a discussion going on about “If God calls us home?” full with argument and all. Then there was someone who had obviously just attended a funeral and who was offended by the post, but no-one really seemed concerned that there was a family and friends, a mother, a daughter, aunts, uncles, best friends, sisters or brothers, who were hurting right now. Again, I ask where is the Love in all of this? I continued reading down and there were several comments made about who cares or so what if a Celebrity died. Something there hurt my heart, and I got up from my computer and went to take my shower, and as the hot water ran it hit me. It is not about a Celebrity dying, but about a person dying. About a mother, a daughter, a niece, maybe an aunt, a real person died, and that real person was a very sad hurting person. Where is the compassion? Where is the Love? Why is it more important to talk about Truth than to walk in Love? 

Here today I sit on Valentines Day, asking myself where is the Love? Why do we spend more time judging others than loving them? There is a scripture in one of the books of truth that states “without Love we are but a clanging gong.” Now I could go into what book that is and where it is written, but if you look through all of the books you will find something to that effect written. I am not here to preach a doctrine of any religion. I am here today on this day Valentines Day to ask you “Where is the Love?” How should we react to someone who is drowning in pain and acting out? I know we see a lot of sad Celebrities who are screaming in a call for love, but their action only get them a lot of bad publicity that seems to spin them down farther. I know many more people who are not celebrities who are yelling out in a call for Love, and how do we react to them too.

Can I ask are we being a “Call for Love” or “An Expression of Love?” In ever situation I ask this question as I go through my days, and some days I am a call for Love, and it usually isn’t a very pretty call for Love. My hope is that most days, I am an expression of Love to all those I encounters. 

I don’t know where you are but here is a virtual Hug to all those who are needing one and feeling unwanted on this so called day of Love.

Peace and Harmony,