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Imagine having everything at your finger tips to just create what ever you wanted. This weekend I was watching my kid play Minecraft and he was playing in straight creative mode with no monsters. Now as I have said, I don’t like to fight monsters, as I like life peaceful, but yet I play survival mode, because I like to hunt and find things and then make what I want from what I have found. Well I was watching my boy play in creative. He had spawned on an island with nothing on it. This is not really a problem in Creative, because you have a complete inventory of everything that you can build with in what we refer to as the backpack (We call it that because you can click on “E” at anytime and all of your inventory is right there). This means if you want to build a house out of Diamond blocks, all you do is click on the diamonds and start building away.

Like I said my boy had spawned on a small island with not even a tree on it. In Creative you can fly, so he took to the skies looking for someplace better to play, and found himself in the middle of the ocean. Cool thing about Creative is that you really don’t die, so he went to the bottom of the ocean and started building his house. When I arrived to look at what he was building he had built a towering home from the bottom of the ocean to several stories above the ocean. He build a long bridge back to the island, and put a redstone railway on it (redstone is the equivalent of electricity wire, and is activated by a restone torch). He then put some land around his tower to grow plants on and some more on another side to grow trees. The trees were planted so close together that he hopes they will grow into a solid block of wood, that he can carve out another home from. The home was made of glowstone which glows and stone brick and then wood above the water.

The point is not about what the structure was, but that he just wanted to create. It was like painting with blocks of virtual Lego’s (that I don’t have to vacuum up today :)) Hehe) Since the invent of television and fast food, our society seems so much less interested in creating. They would rather just be fed the latest trends. My son’s dream is to create video games, so I asked him what kind of game he thought we should create, and his answer was something that will be creative with a little adventure. I was so excited I went to bed trying to figure out what that could look like.

Creativity doesn’t have to be a major thing. It does not have to involve a pencil, or paints or even a canvas. Being creative could just be placing one Lego on top of another. When was the last time you played with a set of Lego’s or blocks? What an easy way to get the flow of energy flowing again.

Peace and Harmony,