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Heart Listen
Does life’s whispers seem a little fuzzy and messy to you right now?

In case you are wondering for those of you that read this blog regularly, where I come up with my content? It comes from that voice inside that whispers to me. Generally when I am sharing something I am not just sharing with you, but myself. I take a lot of lessons from everywhere I go. Anything from a children’s book to classic fables, to computer games, to just attempting to fix a meal in my kitchen (there is a reason I don’t have a cooking blog, buy hey maybe someday I will show you some pictures of my awesome pies, or one of my experimental baking projects) I have learned to listen to all of life. Sometimes, I get deep wonderful wisdom, and at other times Life seems to be telling me jokes. Of course when life starts telling you jokes it is because you are taking everything too seriously!

What does it sound like

In case you are not one Accustomed to hearing life’s voice it comes in all forms. Sometimes it is a child’s voice, at other times it has a voice of a parent or a grandparent. Then there are those times where you can just look at the absurdity of whatever you are doing, like my favorite game being a computer game that mostly 12 year old’s play. Hey, I learn new things from that all the time. Sometimes it is a television show (for me that means I am hanging out with the parents in their RV) or just friends talking about themselves.

My Personal Whispers

Recently, well maybe not so recently but for the last 8 years of so I believe life has been speaking to me about my diet. I have really been trying to ignore it, but it doesn’t seem to be letting me. It started with a few friends getting diagnosed with Celiac Disease. All they would talk about is eating Gluten Free! Generally that would not even phase me, but it just plain irritated me. I moved a thousand miles away from them and lost all contact with them (for different reasons), and made new friends who started in talking all about eating gluten-free, and even suggesting that it would help me. I still refused to listen! Then I started going out to my parents RV to watch Dr. Oz with them, and one of the first shows was about eating gluten-free, and the symptoms of celiac disease (an allergy to gluten which is in wheat, Barley, and Rye). Finally, after listening to what Dr. Oz had to say, I started hearing that little voice in my head saying, “How many people do we have to send your way?” It is rather funny, that I am so opposed to eating gluten-free, as I almost never eat bread, I eat very little pasta. Really the only thing I would truly have to cut out is my oatmeal in the mornings and an occasional piece of whole wheat bread that I could replace with an Ezekiel bread.  Breads, pastas, cakes, and the likes make me feel less than great, so I rarely eat them.

Is Life Whispering or Yelling at you?

So is there something that keeps getting repeatedly told to you, that could be a message from Life? One test is generally if you are listening the messages will be positive! If you don’t listen then you might get a 2×4 over the head (proverbially speaking), that is when we hit hard times because we won’t let go of the door that life has closed and open the one that is much more rewarding. I find this to be true with people who stay in a job they hate way longer than they should. If your life is miserable then you have probably been ignoring the whispering s of life. I find that if you will simply listen when those friends of yours keep telling you stories about this person who just loves to write but never takes the time to write, or whatever the case is. If you are not doing what you love to do then Life will whisper. If life has a different diet lifestyle it will whisper. Actually, if you are just trying to make up your mind about something, if you will just be still and listen there will be whispers you will hear. Life generally only yells at you, when you refuse to listen to it whispers.

Peace and Harmony,